Sony Xperia Z6 Concept and Images

So, here we have some latest concepts for upcoming Sony’s flagship XPERIA Z6.

Sony is going to announce its next XPERIA flagship in MWC 2016, and I am sure that it’s going to be another fantastic launch in the market. Here we have some more promising concepts of upcoming Xperia Z6 smartphone.

Last year Sony has launched most amazing smartphone of 2015, which is XPERIA Z5. The phone has really beautiful design and made up of supreme quality metal. The next flagship looks like more advance as it will have improved screen to display ratio. It will be a 5.3 inch large ultra thin smartphone with Triluminous display having 4K resolution. This smartphone is going to have 25 MP primary camera with 8 MP front camera.

You may have a look on few Sony Z6 concept images below:

  1. Xperia Z6 with premium quality superb design.
Xperia Z6 concept

concept by Aitor Amigo

2) Xperia Z6: New Bezel look

Xpeira Z6


Xperia Z6 compact

Sony Xperia Z6 Release date Rumours

Well, release date of Xperia Z6 is going to be quite debatable here. The phone is rumoured to get announced at MWC 2016 event which is going held in February. If they release Z6 by March then they will hurt the sales of Xperia Z5 as phone is just out in the market. As per another theory, Sony can launch Xperia Z6 in September or may be in mid of 2016 which looks like much better option for the company as well as customers.

So, for now it’s quite uncertain to rap up things here. We are going to update with more XperiaZ6 concepts and details soon. You can also check out complete details of Sony next flagship by visiting our home page. If you have an doubt or question regarding Xperia Z6 then feel free to leave your comment below. And before leaving make sure to like and share us on social media by clicking below social buttons. You can also join our facebook and Google+ fan pages to get instant updates.

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